About Research Data Switchboard

An Open Collaborative Software Project

Research Data Switchboard (RD-Switchboard) is an open and collaborative software solution initiated by ANDS as part of a working group of the Research Data Alliance. The working group has input from:

  • Australian National Data Service (ANDS) (Australia)
  • Dryad (US)
  • CERN InspireHEP (Switzerland)
  • figshare (UK)
  • da|ra and GESIS (Germany)
  • Data Curation Unit (Greece)
  • OpenAIRE (European Infrastructure)

RD-Switchboard project addresses the problem of cross platform discovery by connecting datasets together across multiple registries on the basis of co-authorship or other collaboration models such as joint funding and grants. The best metaphor for these services is the SEE ALSO section in online bookstores, where customers are invited to look at other products by the same author, related topics or similar publishers.

This website (www.rd-switchboard.net) is a demonstrator of this capability using data collections in Research Data Australia, Dryad and CERN InspireHEP. In addition, it shows how RD-Switchboard Widget and API can be integrated into research data discovery platforms.